9 Ways to Get Promoted

It’s all about the rise and the climb up the corporate ladder if you are an ambitious young employee. People desire promotions for different reasons. Some want the perks that come with being a senior manager such as company car, entertainment expense, world-wide travel opportunities, housing expense to name a few. Others just like the title and are willing to accept a senior executive position without the perks or even a large salary. For some it’s all about the money – keep the perks and give them all the dollars. Others just love the power at that senior level. Whatever, the motivation for wanting a promotion, these are some attitudes and actions to employ to get that promotion.

Challenge your boss - share your well-thought-out ideas that disagrees with your boss's plan and consider bringing it up directly. This shows that you bring something different and valuable to the table. You’ll find that this may get you invited to more meetings as your boss may tend to start depending on your feedback.

Offer solutions - ensure your boss is aware of any large-scale or constant problems and be sure to suggest solutions. This will let your boss know you're on top of the problem and working to fix it. Solution-oriented people tend to get promoted because businesses will always have problems but the most senior people are expected to identify them quickly and fix them before there is significant impact.

Excel at your Job – A boss will not seek to promote someone who is struggling at their current position. Be so good at your job that your boss thinks that it is time for you to get additional responsibilities.

Develop Mentoring Relationships - Having a mentoring relationship with someone higher in the company often helps to spread the good word about your performance to other top level performance. Some companies have formal mentoring programs, but even if your company does not, there are still ways you can build relationships with people in higher positions in the company. Mentors can also be great sources for information and career guidance.

Practice Self-Promotion - If no one knows how great you are; you simply won’t get ahead. Be a known asset. If you have had major accomplishments or created new successful programs, make sure people know about them — especially your boss and other senior executives in the company - and let it be known that you are seeking a promotion.

Acquire New Knowledge and Skill Sets - The best way to succeed in getting a promotion is to expand your knowledge and skills sets in areas that are critical to the organization especially in the area you want to be promoted. The world is moving away from specific skill set, to stay marketable you need to expand your knowledge areas.

Build Your Network – Go to events and connect with influential people online. Join online communities and social media channels to find other senior executives in the field that you would like to be promoted. The more people who know you, know your strengths and abilities, know your value to the organization, and know your ambitions, the more likely your name will be discussed when opportunities arise.

Create Your Own Opportunities - Even if the company does not have an opening for a new position, you can show your initiative, creativity, and value to the company to create the position. Similar to creating a business plan for a new company, you can present the business case for the promotion.

Be a Team Player - Volunteer to help with new projects in your department or the wider company. Also volunteer for social committees and task forces. Offer to help your boss with new projects.


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