Unpredictable Love

Illusions that people use to heal their broken hearts and fuel hope of a better time presents a softer alternate to reality that soothes the hard blows of this real world – Dreams! They may be pointless to the practical, rational and self-righteous hypocrite. But to the plain ‘ole Joe and Jane’ dreams are necessary for continued sanity. Dreams keep our level of good sense balanced. Dreams of the sleepers and dreams of the awakened are quintessential of who we are, who we become and who we’d like to be. We shouldn’t ever lose our dreams – no matter what, keep them and value them as we do other treasures.

This sultry summer is a harsh humid reminder of reality that forces the spin of the fan relentlessly in my dark bedroom as soft sounds of Sade play in the background. I lay on the smooth silky sheets drinking red wine and my mind wonders. There is no sound save for the oscillation and wind from the fan and the music. I’m at peace, resting and reading about Zeus’s reign, yet my mind still wonders to you. Stories of war and powerful Gods somehow send my mind to the pathway of lust, love and promise. I lay here and I can’t help but think of you.

I dream of a time when you and I sit by the pond in the dark. Though only a dream it feels so real to me. My heart feels overwhelmed with emotions. There is a struggle to bottle it all in and never let it show, but a part of me wants to declare to you how you make me feel. You should know that you are the savior who revived my comatose heart that was barely living inside me. In this dream, the air is cool and the trees silhouette in the natural light from a distance. The wind is just strong enough to gentle lift mists from the pond to caress our soft skins. I look in your eyes and I feel secure. I know you belong to me – completely – and I am yours. The deepest smile emerges on my face as my heart shines through and shows a token of the bliss I feel. Your feet get wet and your soft cheeks blush lightly as I stare at you. In this moment nothing else matters and I am utterly happy.

Feeling twenty years my junior, watch you playfully lay your head on my shoulder. I gently stroke your hair away from your face and press my soft wet twin treasures on your deserving forehead. We smile. Hours disappear as we talk about everything and nothing. The night fades quickly pulling the sun upwards. It’s rich orange radiance paint the sky waking the world and all the possibilities of a new day. The color of the pond changes with the time and sleep knocks at our eyes.

With this sleep within the dream, reality emerges.

“Kyan…Kyan! Honey, what are you doing?” screamed Michelle

“Nothing sweetheart, just here in bed, do you need me?

“Yea, come take a look at this.”

As I pull myself out of bed, I pull away from the dreams of being with Rachel. My wife looks so stunning as she tries her hardest to lift her petite body to the top shelf in the kitchen. She knows she won’t reach the glasses but being the determined self professed independent woman, she tries to be self-reliant even when she knows it’s a hopeless quest and I’m standing right there. I always find that so attractive. She looks at me and giggles with a girlish flirtatious look and tilts her head to the side and blows her long curly hair off her face. She’s on her tip-toes stretching as far as her body allows with her legs smooth and sexy looking like she just got them waxed and her hips look so enticing in her boy shorts. Her bosom fills her tank top perfectly with just enough cleavage to keep me interested. I rush over to her.

“Let me get that sweetheart.”

Her sweet strawberry fragrance excites my senses as she kisses me on the cheeks, gives me a hug, smiles and says “thanks, hon”.

I love her now twice as much as did when I met her years ago and I never want to forget how happy she makes me. It’s surreal that she is my wife. I hand her the glasses and she pours the 1999 Dom Perignon.

“Are we celebrating?” I ask worriedly wondering if I forgot an important date.

“Yes, but don’t look so worried. You didn’t forget anything – this time.”

For a long time I thought that Michelle was the only woman who really understood me. Up until I met Rachel, I thought that no other woman could intrigue me and satisfy me the way Michelle does. I love her creativity and our relationship is very special. Michelle is an extraordinary person and anyone who spends five minutes with her will see it too. She has a voice and warmth of an angelic being which allows her to give so much to others especially the young ones – her patients. She just loves being a pediatric surgeon. It gives her immense joy to help and work with children. I know she’ll be a wonderful mother to our children as soon as we start our family and she is already a great step-mom to my pumpkin bear. She’s funny and charming and when she walks into the room, I just feel better. I’m not much of a romantic but she makes me want to do everything to sweep her off her feet. What we have is truly special.

Sometimes emotions can be so conflicting. Kyan loves his wife, Michelle but he is cheating with Rachel and he is susceptible to falling in love with her but he passionately loves his wife and doesn’t want to jeopardize the marriage. What to do!

Rachel is desperately falling in-love with Kyan and wants more of his time. He tries to make himself more available to her at the risk of his wife finding out about the affair, but is it worth the risk?

When it comes down to it, Rachel is yearning for a real relationship but she is afraid of being hurt and she can’t seem to find anyone who can love her explicitly and completely. Then she meets a guy at a cheesecake store. Hello Ted Mckenzie!


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