Six Reasons Digital & Mobile Ad Campaigns Work

Today we live life on on our digital devices - smart phones, laptops, tablets etc.. Our cell phone is the one tool we can’t afford to leave home without. This is the reason most experts predicted that up to 33% of all advertising spend would have moved to digital channels in 2017 and continue to steadily grow in 2018.

We can safely declare that the world has begun to identify mobile & digital advertising as the most effective, targeted and measurable channels for advertising and the Caribbean is no different. There are already a number of Caribbean brands that have been shifting more of their advertising budgets to digital & mobile advertising with great success. For those who plan to go all out in 2018, here are six reasons digital & mobile ad campaigns work in Caribbean:

  1. Bigger, braver, bolder content due to limited laws and regulation of online content: online advertising provides a channel for marketers to push the boundaries and get really creative using animation, quirky video stories, gamification and much more.

  2. Cost effective live streaming: what better way to showcase an event you sponsored or to generate interest in a corporate event or showcase an open-house or any "on theground" promotional activity?

  3. Purchased Media (Content Marketing) – make your marketing message the main movie instead of the advertisement during the intermission? That’s what content marketing does -you make your content interesting and people will actually want to watch it!

  4. Online shows/ web series with heavy product placement – the second best option to making the web movie series is have your product subliminally featured. Have the actors use or consume your products and talk about it in a natural, enthusiastic and positive way.

  5. SEO Marketing - this presents quantifiable results for e-commerce and non-e-commerce sites. The campaign can be measured on areas such as; increases in rankings, demographic information, traffic, engagement levels on the site and conversions.

  6. Digital Advertising Drives Sales & ROI: two of the greatest advantages of mobile/digital advertising is e-commerce and targeted audience. Why let your consumers wait? Use your online ads to drive online sales and reward consumers for choosing the online channel. Ensure that you use keyword targeting, re-marketing and segmentation criteria to reach the right audience.

Well those are my pick for the top six reasons digital & mobile ad campaigns work in Caribbean. What are your main reasons?


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