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Managing Your Social Currency

managing social currency
Social currency

In today's interconnected world, social currency stands as a vital asset for young professionals. It is the measure of your value within your social and professional circles, encompassing your reputation, respect, and perceived worth. In the digital realm, it translates to likes, followers, and engagement, while in the real world, it signifies popularity, influence, clout, and relevance.

So, why is social currency so important in the workplace? Here's the scoop:

1. Get promoted faster

In a workplace where colleagues and supervisors respect your expertise, trust your judgment, and appreciate your contributions, doors to promotions and career advancements swing wide open. Your social currency can be the elevator to the top floor and corner office.

2. Enjoy more success

When your peers trust and respect you, they're more inclined to collaborate with you, leading to better project outcomes and a more harmonious work environment. It's the magic formula for collective success.

3. Become needed

When workplace conflicts or disagreements rear their heads, having a healthy dose of social currency can act as your shield. Those with robust social currency can often mediate disputes effectively, clearing your name and restoring harmony in the process.

4. Fasttrack your network

Experienced and influential professionals are more likely to invest their time and knowledge in those they respect and believe will make the most of their guidance. Building your social currency can open doors to invaluable mentorship opportunities.

Now, let's address the burning question: does remote work diminish your social currency? Well, it's a topic that's been on many minds lately.

1. Online interactions reduce consistent meetings

Remote and hybrid work environments often translate to fewer in-person interactions with colleagues and supervisors. This can pose challenges in building and maintaining your social currency, as traditional face-to-face networking and relationship-building take a backseat which means you may just miss out on seeing that colleague every day in the elevator who would have become your new best friend.

2. Digital communication reduces emotional connections

Remote work heavily relies on digital communication tools like email, video conferencing, and chat apps. While these platforms bridge the gap caused by physical distance, they may lack the subtlety and interpersonal connection found in face-to-face interactions.

3. Remote work reduces chance-meetings in the coffee room

To counteract the limitations of remote work, young professionals must be intentional about networking and relationship-building. Proactive efforts to engage with colleagues and superiors online are necessary to keep your social currency thriving.

Social currency is your ticket to a flourishing career. While remote work may present challenges, it's up to you to leverage digital tools and make intentional efforts to maintain and enhance your social currency, ensuring your professional journey continues to ascend.

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