Christmas During Covid

What will you be doing differently this year?

Christmas is the most festive time of year as well as the most commercialised season. One wonders with all the job cuts, reduced salaries, economic uncertainty and lack of bonuses how people will be shopping for the Christmas season.

Redundancies were high this year which accounts for an influx in cash since the payouts would have been high. There has also been growth in new small businesses which could mean that Christmas spend may remain as high as previous years.

Parties and family visits used to be one of the main highlight of the season. With the pandemic, curfews and the need for social distancing these gatherings will now be on hold. Will this hamper the joy that permeates air during Christmastime?

Most introverts remain unbothered by the new norm that Covid has created, but even introverts tend to socialise more during Christmas. How will you adjust your life to make Christmas remain close to normal?


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