8 Career Resolutions for 2018

Make 2018 the best career year!

We make resolutions every year, well at least most of us do. However, most times our resolutions focus on relationships or pleasure and other achievements. It’s rare for us to include our career in this process. Well here we are for 2018 - a new year’s resolution purely dedicated to career. Here are 8 New Year's resolutions that can help.

1. Get A Side Hustle

Do not only have one revenue stream in 2018. Your full time job is good for stability but it’s highly unlikely that it will give you the money you need when annual salary increases are stifled at 3% - 6% meanwhile cost of living is going up by 10%+. Whether you are looking to boost your income, pay off debt, or increase your savings - getting a side hustle or two might be exactly what you need. A side hustle is a second job that not only brings in money but also allows you the flexibility to work your full time, regular job.

2. Look for the next Step on the Ladder

Try your best to not end 2018 the way you started it. Aim for a promotion, lateral career move, new job or just expand your areas of responsibilities. You first step is analysing your current situation and identifying the next step to career happiness. Career path is critical, you may consider scheduling discussions with your manager to get clarity on the next challenge.

3. Understand Company Goals

Make sure you understand how your job contributes to your company's business objectives. Knowing how your job fits into the big picture will give you inspiration and a sense of accomplishment—and will help you understand your job's impact. This will also prevent any unwarranted self-rebellion when changes occur, because you understand your role insetting the companies goals.

4. Be Ethical

Always bring integrity to your job and represent your company positively. Whether you're a high level executive at the company or cleaning its restrooms, be honest and polite in all you do. Don't call in sick just to duck a work—that's stealing time. Put in an honest day's work. Be accountable. The character you build will be what gets you recommended for the next step on the ladder. Do not place the focus on where you are but rather on where you plan to be.

5. Stay or Get Fit

Remember to incorporate exercise in your daily/weekly schedule. Go for a run, or walk before or after work. Join a gym. Take the stairs at work, walk to the printer and take a walk to grab lunch. A healthy body makes a healthy mind and great positive attitude. Exercising also increases blood flow to the brain and which ignites your creativity ad gives you ideas.

6. Manage Up, Down and Across

I have had problem with managing up, but have been very comfortable hanging down and across. Some us struggle with one of these. However, for 2018 try to manage up by ensuring that you and your manager are in firm agreement on what you're doing. Be proactive and get on her/his calendar to ensure you're meeting or exceeding expectations. Don't assume your boss paying close attention - no one likes to be shocked in the annual performance appraisal room. Try to manage across by making time to understand your peers' roles and how they go about their jobs. Show an interest in other departments especially those that you need to interact with and build rapports. Don’t just choose a few friends and become part of a clique. High school is over. You can easily manage down when you build solid relationships with your employees and communicate how their role fits into the big picture. Remember to treat employees as adults even though you are the boss, they are not your children, nor are they sub-human to you, therefore, respect their ideas and input as an equal.

7. Communicate

Easier said than done, but communication is very important. Don’t leave people waiting for answers. If you're on an email thread, return emails promptly. Let people know what you're doing. If you're working on a project, always inform all stakeholders of progress or reasons for pause.. Talk to people; give them a heads up, and when someone helps you out, be sure to thank her/him.

8. Work Life Balance

I never really understood the phrase “work life balance” because work is not separate from my life. In fact without work, I wouldn’t have the life I currently enjoy. So maybe - let’s not call it work life balance - but for 2018 let’s try to achieve a balanced life where our personal life does not take over work nor vice versa. So parents don’t always miss out on work because your late for work dropping off kids then constantly take 2 hour lunch breaks to pick up and drop off the children then leave work 5 minutes early because you need to relieve the nanny. Thats stealing time from the company! On the other hand you have those parents and single professionals whodunit have life because they are working 12 hours each weekday and then persist to send work emails at 1am and 4am and on weekends. The objective is to have fun - work smart! If you are employees for a 40 hour week to achieve x, then the great measure of success is achieving x within the given timeframe. Any hours used beyond that sort of shows how inefficient one is. You might be effective, but certainly not efficient. Let’s get the formula right for 2018!


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