6 Signs You Should Stay Single

There are many single people in the world. This is neither good nor bad. The world is not a one size fits all space. People can choose to be tethered to others or relish in freedom of self. Here are six signs you will be either miserable or drive someone crazy if you decide to get married.

1. You are overly critical You know what you like and you demean everything outside that boundary. You know this is true because you cannot think of one person that has been a perfect fit for you. They are always too much or too little of " something".

2. You don’t like compromise

You have a goal in mind and nothing short of that goal is acceptable. You want to be the absolute best in everything you involve yourself with, and you demand the same from your partner.

3. You are a loner In general, you keep to yourself. You stay away from groups and other people because you enjoy the quiet of your own company. You like taking walks in old neighborhoods on your own and you explore local restaurants, seating yourself at tiny tables without sensing any awkwardness in dining alone.

4. You easily get obsessed by someone at the start of a relationship You may also obsess over how to perfect yourself for the object of your affections. You’re fairly inexperienced in relationships and admittedly ignorant concerning casual relationships. 5. You can be merciless Your relationships usually don’t end well and you struggle to forgive and forget. Deep down you feel a need to make the person hurt as much as you hurt and you tend to plot your revenge.

6. You have emotional baggage Someone has wronged you in the past and your feelings of anger, bitterness, and insecurity are still very ripe.

Try working through these issue and growing before starting a relationship!


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