4 reasons to add a new revenue stream during the coronavirus pandemic

1) People are losing their jobs or experiencing reduced salaries

As a contingency, do not rely solely on your main source of income. During a crisis is the best time to diversify. Seek ways to monetise your skills, experience and try to materialise your dreams.

2) You have more time on your hands with "work from home" and "reduced office hours"

Use the new found time to take online classes that give yo a chance to build on in-demand as well as transferable skills. Grow your value

3) Job Opportunities in new areas are rising

While some companies are suffering others are thriving. Seek out part-time and flexible job opportunities to make more money during the pandemic.

4) The world is stressful so seek income options that make you happy

Work life balance sometimes means that you need to find a job that taps into what you enjoy. Focus on building that happiness and sharing it with the world in a meaningful way that is monetised.


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