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3 must-read dystopian romance novels

Tongue in Turmoil bestseller novel
3 must-read dystopian romance novels

Dystopian love stories offer a unique lens to explore the depths of human connection and sacrifice in the face of adversity. These tales of love and passion in a bleak world show us just how far a couple will go for each other and how these challenges test their budding romance.

In these dark, chaotic settings, we meet some of the most fascinating characters, the ones who don't fit the typical hero or heroine mold. They exist in morally gray areas, navigating a world where good and bad aren't so clear-cut. It's this complexity that draws me in, as they break free from the constraints of a "civilized" society, delving into power struggles and moral dilemmas. Here are 3 must-read dystopian romance novels that could become the next best seller:

1. Goddess in the Machine

The dystopian aspect in this context operates in a fascinating manner. Although the story unfolds in a distant future, it depicts how humanity has reverted to a mindset reminiscent of the medieval era. This prompts the novel to pose the intriguing question: Does technology blur the line with what can be considered as magic?

2. Shatter Me

This book tends to be polarizing, eliciting strong feelings of either love or disdain from readers. The writing style is ornate, occasionally veering into the realm of being hard to read. Yet, it undeniably resonates with a substantial audience. Warren, the intriguing yet villainous love interest, adds to the story's allure. Mafi's immensely popular series introduces Juliette, a teenage girl imprisoned by the enigmatic Reestablishment due to her deadly touch. Beyond the confines of her cell, a world grapples with drought and disease, leaving a dwindling population vulnerable to the rule of a fascistic regime. In this grim reality, they begin to realize that Juliette might possess powers they can harness. 3. Tongue in Turmoil The story explores Rachel's personal journey as she navigates the complexities of grief and responsibility while trying to make sense of the chaotic world around her. Amidst the chaos, there's also a glimpse of a connection with Ted, a man she found attractive and who seemed equally drawn to her. However, this connection is overshadowed by the immediate challenges she faces, leaving readers to wonder if there's hope for a future meeting between Rachel and Ted. The novel touches on themes of loss, resilience, friendship, and the enduring search for love amidst adversity. Enjoy reading!

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