Are you a Marketing Dinosaur?

Are you a Marketing Dinosaur or are you ready to embrace Integrated Marketing?

As more marketers shift their advertising budgets towards mobile and digital advertising, they are constantly being harassed by skeptics and marketing dinosaurs who swear only by newspapers, radio, TV and everything old-fashioned from town criers to flyers and good ole word of mouth.

These skeptics want proof that digital marketing is effective but how do they accurately prove that traditional marketing is effective? They usually don’t – it’s just a strong perception/belief. Don’t get me wrong – I love traditional media too. I still occasionally go through the newspapers, listen to the radio in my car and I like leaving my TV on as background noise in my apartment.

Nonetheless, the world has evolved and so too has marketing and advertising. Most companies have realised this and so they have hired Digital Marketing Managers, Social Media Managers and Integrated Marketing Manager but do they really understand how all these Managers are supposed to work together to optimise brand market share and sales profits? To be clear it is a fact that traditional media is still very effective, however an integrated approach to advertising is the only way to reach consumers at all touch points.

An integrated advertising strategy helps marketers to establish connections with their consumers on multiple platforms to seamlessly facilitate brand recognition and memory more than any one media can offer. So if a consumer sees your SMS message on their phones, pop-up ad on their tablet, SEO on their laptop, TV ad, newsprint, native ad in a digital video clip and hear it on the radio they are more likely to remember the ad content and act accordingly.

Integrated advertising strategy is the perfect way to effectively reach customers in today’s media fragmented world. Justifying the change in your marketing budget might be hard at first but by far an integrated advertising approach is the best marketing strategy in today’s world and the quickest way to analyse ROI on advertising spend.

Have you you caught up with the rest of the world yet? Don't be the last to change - include digital marketing in your overall strategy!


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