7 Ways to Improve Your Career Development

Career management is necessary if you don’t want to be stuck in the same job at the same place for the next 20 years only getting incremental salary increases annual ..ugh! Who would want that? If you have ambitions of homeownership, car upgrades every few years, low debt ratio, and high disposable income, you need to plan your career development.

Manage your career by planning and working to obtain new skills, capabilities, and experiences so you can qualify for promotions or new positions. Share your goals with your boss if they are promotion related and identify a mentor who can help you broaden your experience.

Here are 7 ways to improve your career development, if you don’t already have this figured out:

#1 Grow Your Skill-Set

Think about the promotion that you would like to receive and identify the skill sets needed for the job. Continuing to grow skills and experience should be a priority for everyone and the opportunity to obtain value from and adding value to their career. You can continue to experience skill set growth by taking the lead on your career development and progress which includes collaborating with your boss to manage your career and job shadow other employees in your company to learn about different jobs. Also explore lateral moves to broaden and deepen your experience. Another thing to consider is to attend classes and training sessions to increase your knowledge.

#2 Get a Mentor

Seek a mentor from your current company and one outside the company that you feel comfortable with to explore career growth. Ideally it is better to have a group of mentors because one mentor won’t necessarily have all the strengths that you may need guidance in.

#3 Identify Your Career Goals

Could your career development and management use help to gain momentum? People who are the most successful and satisfied in their careers have proactively determined what they want from work. Once they’ve decided on their goals, they make a plan to accomplish the goals.

#4 Give Yourself Deadlines

You need to know when thematic ends. Create timelines for each goal. Developing a timeline with career goals and expected milestones is also an effective way to manage your career. Bringing your boss and his or her sponsorship and mentoring into the picture will ensure that you have an internal mentor who will help you manage your career.

#5 Always Be On The Hunt

Consult the Human Resources department to learn about career development programs and job opportunities. Maintain your momentum and commit to weekly job searches to find an opportunity for growth when it arrives.

#6 Create a Career Plan

Career paths are recommended for the same reason that goals are recommended. They are the written plan that can help you focus on what is most important to achieve success. Without a plan, you have no benchmark against which you can measure your progress. The plan also helps you define the stages and paths you need to go through o reach your goal.

#7 Never Get Complacent

Don’t be caught with one year experience for 3 years having been at a job for 4 years. Ensure that each year you work offers you new challenges, new accomplishments and growth opportunities. The moment you can do your job with very little effort is the moment you aggressively need to hunt for a new job. Keep Growing!


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