Building Your Personal Brand Online

Building a personal brand is very important in today's corporate world. Companies no longer only examine resumes, CVs and background checks from past employers and references. In fact, one of the first things employers tend to do before even shortlisting a candidate is surf the internet for the candidate's online footprints. They check your social media posts, shares and comments. This means that your LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat public accounts can either make or break your career.

Are you really comfortable with your boss or prospective boss looking at your digital footprints? Does your personal brand online, mirror the employee they are looking for to represent their brand? Sometimes we wish the world was more compartmentalized so what we do in our private life won't affect affect our career, but that will not happen in a world that is as intertwined as the one we live in.

The task for us all is to ensure that whatever we put out on the internet should be content that will not harm our chances for success, nor prevent us from excelling in our personal and professional journey. Another thing to note, is that all our social pages now act as a resume of sorts, to describe our personality, accomplishments, attitudes, vales, integrity and network for all to see. Therefore, we ought to place much care in what we put out there to represent our personal brand on the internet.


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