Ten Corporate Faux Pas to Avoid

The transition from student to professional can be very challenging. It becomes more painful when you find that some of your usual behavior is now taboo or considered a faux pas in the work world due to business etiquette and decorum that seems normal to everyone at the workplace except you. To accelerate the journey towards personal and career development after your successful job interview and well earned new job. Here are 10 corporate faux pas to avoid as a new professional:

Sending emails with irrelevant—or no—signature/subject lines: Keep your Subject line relevant. As our inboxes get fuller, we rely on subject lines to search for and open relevant messages. Signatures are also critical , but it should only contain appropriate ways to reach you. Your inspirational quote is not a requirement and may be a nuisance to some people.

Using “Reply All” for every message: This button should only be used when it is pertinent that all on the original mail receives your response. If your reply is meant only for the sender only respond to the sender. Don;t annoy everyone on the email thread.

Not responding to an email within 24 -36 hours: Sometimes our desks get busy and we forget to respond but this is a serious "don't" in the corporate world. An employee or manager should practice proper time management to ensure emails are responded to within a reasonable time frame.

Having your mobile phone ring during a meeting: It is expected that telephones are placed on "silent" or "vibrate" before" entering a meeting. This shows respect for the parties you are meeting with.

Not being presentable: Most companies are going casual, but employees are still expected to maintain basic hygiene and adhere to the companies dress code policy. Clothing should also be a perfect fit, not over-sized, too small, crinkled and women should not over accessorize.

Being overly critical of others: Bad mouthing co-workers is a sure way to get into hot water with HR and your boss. If you would like to stay employed, avoid this.

Always complaining that the company doesn't do enough: you entered an agreement with the company to offer your services for a set payment. If the terms of your agreement is being met, why are you unhappy that you haven;t gotten lots of freebies? Are you giving the company freebies?

Complaining to everyone who will listen, that you are underpaid: either ask for a promotion, salary increase or find another job, but stop demotivate others by spreading negative energy.

Overly sharing your private life: Work is not home. It's not the place to share all your memories and talk about your plans and problems at home. When you are at work you are expected to be fully committed to your job responsibilities.

Arriving late for a meeting. Being tardy tells others that you don’t value their time, and that other things are more important to you than they are.

There are quite a number of other mistakes that are made but these are among the top few that should be addressed as priority for young professionals.


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