6 Secrets to a Balanced Life

Some of us work to live and others live to work. Some work for their family and some work because they simply love it. Regardless of the motivation for working, it is never the only thing that one does. As such life needs balance, and this comes from time management, scheduling and prioritizing.

Some easily find work life balance and others struggle. Nonetheless, it can be easily attained if one simply schedules. Who says that fun, relaxation, sleep, rest and work can't all be planned into your life? It can be! Here are 6 secrets for a better work life balance work and life:

Exercise: This not only gets you a great looking body but you will be healthier and happier with more exercise. Also, a good stress reliever, exercise helps to clear your mind to help you make more sound decisions.

Sleep: 7 to 8 hours sleep is needed daily to help your body rejuvenate properly. The more rested your brain is, the less effort you will need to process complex information and make better choices.

Diet: Proper nutrition keeps you healthy and more energetic to tackle work with enough energy reserved for fun.

Time management: Keeping a daily timetable with scheduled "To Do" and :To Be" lists are essential to help you prioritize and block time wasters out to stay on schedule.

Efficient Work: Their is no work life balance without work, but the trick is to work smarter not harder. Are you using technology to be most efficient?

Leisure Management: If too much time is spent in leisure surfing through social media sights or recording every occasion, then work might be neglected. Fun is good but too much of anything is never good!

These secrets should help you have a more fulfilling life.


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