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With over 15 years of management experience, Keerene Carty provides end-to-end support to help businesses transform their vision into strategy and implementation. She believes that passion ignites creativity and forms growth. Therefore, getting your target audience to experience passion for your products or services is at the core of growth marketing. The key is to create content that engages and connects with the audience. 

​She is a marketing and communications consultant and freelancer who works with clients on marketing strategy, digital marketing, social media management and problem-solving. She is also the founder of Marksales Solutions Limited - a Jamaican development consulting company that was formed in 2015 and provides marketing, sales and business development services to Jamaican manufacturing and distribution companies in the food and agricultural industries.


In 2018, she successfully launched Bumble Bee Digital Agency, one of the leading digital advertising agencies in Jamaica in the capacity of Chief Executive Officer and provided digital marketing services to several clients across the financial, manufacturing, distribution and retail sectors in the Caribbean.

Keerene attended the University of the West Indies where she obtained a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Literature in English with a minor in International Relations. She also earned a Post–Graduate Diploma in English Education from the University of the West Indies, then later obtained a Masters of Science Degree in Management with a specialization in Human Resource Management from Nova Southeastern University in Florida, USA. She is currently studying for a second Masters' degree in Global Management at Royal Roads University in British Columbia, Canada. 

Keerene has a solid track record of success with previous roles as Business Development Manager for the Unicomer Group, Country Manager - Jamaica for Trend Media Group (Digicel Group), Marketing & Sales Manager for RJR Group, and Asst. Advertising Manager at Jamaica Observer.  

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