Our Host -

Debbie Bisson 

Keep Growing Young Professionals Conference

Debbie is a media personality and practitioner. She is the founder and CEO of Bissoon Productions and is also involved in Brand Marketing PR and Events.

Her life is well balanced as she enjoys her role as mother to baby boy Josiah.

Keynote Speaker -


Dania Beckford

With more than a decade of experience as a Communication Specialist, Dania Beckford has honed the requisite skills to operate in all sectors of the Marketing Communication sphere. She is a Certified Protocol and Professional Etiquette Trainer and the Director of Entertainment in the Ministry of Culture, Gender, Entertainment and Sports.

She is a Corporate Image Consultant, Owner and co-designer of “Broadtail Designs” – a clothing company that caters to the needs of full-figured women. Dania is currently marketing her full figured carnival design called “Iridescence” in the Xaymaca International Carnival band and is the first designer who specializes in full figured fashion to be included in Carnival in Jamaica.

Dania is also the Owner of a boutique Communications Consultancy called “The Publicist.” Her latest communications projects include the Prime Minister’s Youth Awards held in December 2017 and the launch of the Dreaming Whilst Black Web Series in March 2018. She is also the Communication Consultant for the Xaymaca International Carnival Band.


Her experience spans being a Freelance Broadcaster, Entertainment Publicist, and Director of Public Relations in both the Private and Public Sector and also for International Aid Organizations.

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Meet The Panelists

Mitzi Hyde

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Mitzi Hyde is a dynamic people driven professional with over ten (10) years as a Human Resource Practitioner. She is adept and competent at handling employee relations matters, negotiations and conflict engagement.

Mitzi has served in several industries to include telecom, distribution and SME. She enjoys sharing knowledge and one on one coaching.

Her expertise includes: recruitment & selection, employee welfare, employee engagement, grievance & discipline, handling compensation and performance management, policy, team building, Strategic planning, employee benefits, and more.

Garth Williams 

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A seasoned journalist and communications professional with over 12 years’ experience across the Caribbean media landscape, Garth joined Red Stripe in 2016 from Business Access TV and Wealth Magazine. 
He was also presenter of the nightly news and business writer for Wealth Magazine reporting on diverse topics including entrepreneurship and investment. In this role he honed his skill in stakeholder engagement, relationship building and project & issues management while also developing a network of key stakeholders in government, industry, civil society and international organizations.
 Previously he worked as producer, Programmes Officer and presenter at KLAS ESPN FM89 and Nationwide News Network.
 As Red Stripe's Sustainability Manager Garth is responsible for creating and implementing an approach to the company's Corporate Social Responsibility agenda - Brewing a Better World, 

Carole Rowe

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Management and organisational development specialist Carole Rowe has extensive experience in Training and Development Consultant with experience in the areas of: Leadership, Management, Supervision, Customer Service, Sales, Project Management, Plan, Conduct and Review Assessment, Develop Assessment Procedures and Tools. 

She also offers consulting in areas of: Organisation Development, Export Development, Sales, and development of Customer Services Charter, Procedure and Processes for ISO 9000-2001.


She currently holds the role of  General Manager for the Jamaica Exporters Association.

Thanks to our Sponsors:

Cheryll Stewart

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Cheryll Stewart is an  experienced Business analyst and  facilitator of  entrepreneurship training.  She has worked with micro and small businesses over the past eight years and continues to build the support structure of professionals who offer guidance to entrepreneurs. 


Ms Stewart has served in various capacities where she has contributed to recognition and development of people. With over a decade of experience across business development consultancy, incubation development and monitoring and entrepreneurship training, Cheryll finds the time to do a lot of volunteer work. 

While she currently holds the position of Manager Entrepreneurial Skills Development - ‎HEART Trust/NTA. Cheryll finds the time to offer her expertise to as a member of the Corporate Governance & Finance Sourcing Committee for the Small Business Association of Jamaica and Chairperson for Cariben - Caribbean Business Enablers Network


Cordel Green

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Mr. Cordel Green is an Attorney-at-Law, a former Assistant Attorney-General of Jamaica and a former broadcaster. He is the Executive Director of the Broadcasting Commission, which regulates radio, television and cable in Jamaica. 


He is a Commissioner on the Jamaica National Commission for UNESCO, member of the Intergovernmental Council for the Information For All Programme (IFAP) – UNESCO, member of the Law Committee for the IEEE Global Initiative for Ethical Consideration in Artificial Intelligence and Autonomous Systems, fellow of Telecommunications Executive Management Institute of Canada (TEMIC) and honorary member of the Multicultural Media, Telecom and Internet Council (MMTC), Washington D.C.


He has a rounded lifestyle, which over many years has included active participation in cultural and entertainment events in Jamaica. He remains involved in the musical side of entertainment mainly by performing the role of MC at select reggae concerts such as “Rebel Salute”.


An interesting fact is that whilst a student at university, performing the role of MC, he gave the moniker “Doctor” to Dancehall super-star “Beenie Man”, who has since come to be known as “The Doctor” or “Doctor Beenie Man”.